things to obsess about

A current short list of things to obsess about (by no means complete):

* living in the present moment when life circumstances demand planning for every other eventuality

* all of the arts and how they are so necessary to a fully lived life; further, how our lives are diminished when we substitute the purchase of material goods for committing acts of creation ourselves – and by creation I mean anything and everything from cooking, sewing and gardening to collage, music and sculpture (I could go on of course, but the list is long and you likely already know what else is on it). And by “committing”, I mean “being dedicated to” as well as “doing”.

* the evolution of society as a whole while individuals within it are also evolving, and what an incredible time we are living in, full of seemingly limitless possibilities

* how the collective efforts of single individuals add up to a critical mass, just as each of us are made up of individual cells doing their own things (at first glance solo, but ultimately all in concert)

* communication and its many, many, many forms – and how those forms affect our relationships to each other and the world

* most important of all, how to give our children the best of ourselves and show them the beauty of this world and how to live in it, that they may discover, become and rejoice in the best of themselves.


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One Response to “things to obsess about”

  1. Gare Black Says:

    Beautiful and honest.I was especially taken by the the last paragraph about children.Very wise and thought full all of it.
    Thank you.


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