Valentine’s Day free downloads

February 14, 2011

Hi and Happy Valentine’s Day … hope you’re spending time with people you care about, doing what you love to do, and/or discovering new passions!

It occurred to me this morning that I have a song or two that are fitting for the occasion, so I thought I’d put together a mini-collection; please download it for free as my Valentine’s Day gift to you.

— “As You Know” is a ballad I wrote a couple of years ago (and I was honoured when my friends Sara and Dan asked me to sing it at their wedding!)

— “Easily Embraceable Me” (re: desire) and “Treasure” (re: giving and receiving) are both from “Refuge”.

— The last song is called “Love is Waiting”; it’s unrecorded, so this version is a demo I did on my iPhone this afternoon.  (Considering this one for the next record — yes, we’re talking about another one … and this time it won’t take three years.)   😉

Hope you enjoy!



Thanks to everyone for last night’s CD Release!

September 23, 2010

Wow … that was fun.

Despite the surprise information just before we went on stage that the venue was not serving alcohol (I know – too long to get into here & now, but I will get into it soon) a large and generous-spirited bunch of friends stayed for our set and were a wonderful audience to perform for – thank you to everyone!

My band was sublime (more on them in an upcoming post), and the beautiful and talented Andrea Koziol, Sue Patrick-Breit (both on bg vox) and Cathy Nosaty (fly-by accordion solo on “Little Bird”) sounded as great as they looked.  I couldn’t have asked for a better collection of people to share the occasion with … must do it again soon.

By all accounts in-house sound man TQ did a fabulous job, and Mary Hanson’s art was wonderful on the walls (and will be there for a few more weeks).

Unfortunately, due to the aforementioned limited beverage selection many people did not end up staying to watch the films, so here are links to the films and filmmakers for your viewing pleasure:

• “Vernacular Moments” (3:05) Brian Smith; this is a mini-doc tribute to the photography of Gaelen Kuellmer; in another style entirely, Brian’s recent short mockumentary “Chere” is gathering multiple accolades as it makes its rounds on the festival circuit

• “Far Away” (3:43) Tony Duggan-Smith/Mark Korven; a compelling single-shot video of Kate Marshall Flaherty reading her poem; Mark and Tony are both gifted creators of music and instruments, and now co-creators of film as well … keep an eye out for more of their upcoming projects.

• “Falling” (5:40) Ayelen Liberona; Ayelen’s award-winning work is gorgeous and diverse; far too many projects to list but you can — and should — see much of it at

• “Ukes for Peace” (10:16) Tony Coleman/Margaret Meagher; this film is part of the extra content on the upcoming DVD release of this year’s blockbuster documentary “Mighty Uke” (trailer), DVD to be released Sept. 28 and available for pre-order here (go ahead and order it, you’ll thank me)

• and collaborative online video project “The Johnny Cash Project“; crowd-generated frames for this animated video project … you can explore to see stills & alt. versions, or contribute some frames of your own

Please feel free to leave comments for the filmmakers on YouTube and Vimeo … I’m planning another cross-pollinating event sometime in the next couple of months and will let you know as details are confirmed.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the films!

Cheers, Lis

Refuge CD release party at the Trane Studio! Tuesday Sept. 21, 7:00 – 10:00 pm

September 16, 2010

Putting a couple of finishing touches on my CD release, and really looking forward to it!

The Trane Studio is at 964 Bathurst St. and has been hosting wonderful and diverse shows for the last seven years, including jazz, poetry and various mixed musica. In addition to being a warm and inviting music venue, it’s also a space where local artists display their work (there will be some on the 21st, stay tuned) and there’s an in-house drop-down film screen (stay tuned more).  The menu features a tantalizing blend of Southern American & Caribbean Cuisine – check it out here.

I hope you’ll come out and enjoy the fabulous musicians who will be playing with me, and the other artists who will be joining us.  More details coming up in the next few hours …

CD release TBA

July 21, 2010

Summer is here.  Vitamin D is being produced.  All is good.

However, that doesn’t mean I get to enjoy umbrella-embellished beverages just yet.  Now that there’s a CD, my next series of to-do’s include planning a release party.  I’ve got a couple of ideas that I’m working on for the occasion … but I can’t tell you exactly what right now ’cause there are still a few (okay, a lot) of details to be worked out.

I can tell you that the release will be in late August or early September, and that there will be some collaborative elements that I hope you will be as excited about as I am.   ( !!!!! )

As soon as there’s more info I’ll post it  – like a confirmed date and venue for starters; should have that by the end of this week.

Thanks for stopping by … save an umbrella for me.

whirlwind …

June 7, 2010

Wow, life has been unbelievably full lately … finally getting the CD manufactured (including designing the cover – a steep learning curve, but fun!), various ongoing & constantly fluctuating home, family & work schedules, tax paperwork, gigs out of town with Jeans ‘n Classics, trying to prepare for my new website (including more paperwork to see if Factor would like to join the party) and then finally I’ll be heading out to Saskatchewan for some gigs this weekend … guess I better make a packing list so’s I don’t forget anything.  (But I probably will.)

And speaking of Saskatchewan, if you’re going to be anywhere near Prince Albert on June 11, 12 or  Saskatoon on June 13, I’ll be doing a few shows.  Please check out my Facebook events for details; I haven’t decided yet how I’ll be posting gigs on the website, so for now I’ll be using these links (or you can “like” my music page here if you’d like to get updates via Facebook; ):

Lis @ Christina’s Gallery (Prince Abert), June 11 & 12, 8:00 pm:

Three Sisters Show & Sale (Prince Albert), June 12, 2:00 pm:

Lis @ Lydia’s Pub (Saskatoon), June 13, 3:00:

Hope you can make it out … and yes, I’ll have promo copies of the new CD with me!

Peace, Lis

things to obsess about

June 28, 2008

A current short list of things to obsess about (by no means complete):

* living in the present moment when life circumstances demand planning for every other eventuality

* all of the arts and how they are so necessary to a fully lived life; further, how our lives are diminished when we substitute the purchase of material goods for committing acts of creation ourselves – and by creation I mean anything and everything from cooking, sewing and gardening to collage, music and sculpture (I could go on of course, but the list is long and you likely already know what else is on it). And by “committing”, I mean “being dedicated to” as well as “doing”.

* the evolution of society as a whole while individuals within it are also evolving, and what an incredible time we are living in, full of seemingly limitless possibilities

* how the collective efforts of single individuals add up to a critical mass, just as each of us are made up of individual cells doing their own things (at first glance solo, but ultimately all in concert)

* communication and its many, many, many forms – and how those forms affect our relationships to each other and the world

* most important of all, how to give our children the best of ourselves and show them the beauty of this world and how to live in it, that they may discover, become and rejoice in the best of themselves.